Personal Information Protection Policy

Created: 1 April 2005
Updated: 1 July 2020

The Mathematics Certification Institute of Japan
Shizumi Shimizu, Chairman

The Mathematics Certification Institute of Japan (the “Institute”) recognizes the important social obligation it has, as a handler of large amounts of personal information, to protect and manage said personal information in an appropriate and safe manner. The Institute is committed to protecting personal information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Policy described below.

  • 1. The Institute shall collect, use and share personal information to the extent that such actions are required for the purpose of carrying out its business activities based on its articles of incorporation (the conducting of mathematics-related proficiency testing, the recognition of skill levels and the issuing of certificates, the conducting of business-related mathematics testing and other such training, the issuing of mathematics-related publications and the provision of information, undertakings related to public awareness of mathematics, academic research related to mathematics and the study of mathematics, and any other undertakings required to accomplish the organization’s goals). Furthermore, it shall put in place measures to prevent the handling of personal information beyond the extent required for accomplishing the specified purposes of its use (unintended use).
  • 2. The Institute shall adhere to all laws and regulations, government guidelines and other such standards related to the protection of personal information.
  • 3. In working to protect personal information, the Institute shall take necessary and reasonable safety measures against the risk of disclosure, loss or damage of said information. In the unlikely event of such disclosure, loss or damage, it shall promptly put in place corrective measures.
  • 4. The Institute shall establish, implement and continuously make improvements to its personal information management system.
  • 5. The Institute shall respond promptly, sincerely and appropriately to all complaints and inquiries regarding the handling of personal information.

By distributing and disseminating this policy to all of the Institute’s employees, and publishing it on the Institute’s official website and in its pamphlets, the Institute takes steps to ensure that this policy will be accessible to anyone at any time.


The Institute has acquired PrivacyMark certification, which is regularly updated.
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