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An increasing number of e-mail replies are not delivered due to errors made when entering addresses on e-mail inquiries. Be sure to double check when entering the e-mail address.
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[Points to note regarding e-mail]

  • * There have been an increasing number of cases in which e-mail sent by the Institute is regarded as an error by free e-mail services and smartphone e-mail addresses. If you do not receive a reply several days after you have sent an inquiry, please resend your inquiry by a separate e-mail address.
  • * E-mail from the Institute is sent by computer. If you contact us from your smartphone, we request your cooperation in not refusing e-mail sent by computer and e-mail with the domain name ""
  • * Please be aware that we have confirmed that if e-mails are sent by the Institute to e-mail addresses such as those in the following examples, they are regarded as an error because they do not conform to standard rules applicable to the workings of Internet technology (RFC).
    • Ex.) E-mail addresses such as [] that has a dot before [@] (at).
    • Ex.) E-mail addresses such as [] that begin with a [.] (dot).
    • Ex.) E-mail addresses such as [] that have two consecutive dots within the address.
    • Ex.) E-mail addresses such as ["suga"] that contain one or more double quotation marks.