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What is Suken Test?

The Mathematics Certification Institute of Japan measures practical mathematics competency through tests called Suken Test. Suken Test consists of 10 levels (called Kyus) spanning from elementary to university level mathematics.
The main concept of our institute is lifelong learning and therefore anybody can take the test regardless of age or background.
People may have different motives for taking Suken Test, whether it be to measure their ability in mathematics, to get the certificate or to go back and review what they learned in school. Our objective is not to determine the best mathematicians but to provide people with opportunities to measure their math skills.

In Japan, the total number of examinees in 2020 was approximately 303,000, from pre-school children to adults.
The problems are NOT multiple-choice and some problems require you to write the steps leading to your answer.
Approximately 10% of each Suken Test is comprised of problems that are unlike standard textbook problems but more like mathematical puzzles to challenge examinees.

The total number of examinees (in Japan)

2020 303,000
2019 358,000
2018 376,000
2017 377,000
2016 366,000



Suken Test Outline

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