A · These test standards are included in: 5th Kyu, 6th Kyu, 7th Kyu
· Estimated degree of difficulty: Elementary school (5th grade)
Test Content

Mixed calculations including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using integers and decimals, divisors/multiples, addition/subtraction of fractions, area of triangles and quadrilaterals, sum of interior angles, volume of cubes and rectangular prisms, averages, unit quantity sizes, polygons, figure congruency, circumference, prisms/cylinders, simple proportion, basic graph expressions, rate and percentages, etc.

Ability Summary

Arithmetic useful for everyday life situations.

1. The ability to count coins and paper money, and to accurately calculate/transfer money amounts
2. The ability to display multiple items, compare amounts, etc. using pie charts and bar graphs
3. The ability to calculate sales tax, etc.