A · These test standards are included in: 3rd Kyu, 4th Kyu, 5th Kyu
· Estimated degree of difficulty: Junior high school (7th grade)
Test Content

Mixed calculations including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using positive and negative numbers, expressions using alphabet, linear addition/subtraction expressions, linear equations, basic geometric construction, parallel translations, line reflection, rotation, positional relationship between straight lines and planes in space, arc and area of sectors, plane figure structure, space figure cutting, projection, and expansion, surface area and volume of cones, cylinders, and spheres, Cartesian coordinates, proportions and inverse proportions using negative numbers, approximate values and errors, frequency distribution and histograms, mean value and range, etc.

Ability Summary
Basic abilities in mathematics useful for living in accordance with changes in society.

  • An understanding of negative numbers, the ability to display substantial plus/minus changes in social phenomena using graphs
  • The ability to accurately draw basic figures
  • The ability to display the changes in relationship between two things using straight lines