A · These test standards are included in: 1st Kyu, Pre-1st Kyu, 2nd Kyu
· Estimated degree of difficulty: High school (11th grade)
Test Content

Expressions and proofs, fractional expressions, higher-degree equations, various functions (exponential functions, logarithmic functions, trigonometric functions, higher-degree functions), points and lines, circle equations, locus and area, differential coefficients and derivative functions, indefinite and definite integrals, vectors, complex numbers, equation solutions, probability distribution and statistical inference, computers (numerical calculation), etc.

Ability Summary

Abilities in mathematics needed to rationally process topics and issues that arise in everyday life and business situations.

1. The ability to create complex graphical expressions
2. The ability to grasp the features of information to create grouping and criteria
3. The ability to use mathematics to discover matters in daily life