A · These test standards are included in: 1st Kyu
· Estimated degree of difficulty: University Student / General
Test Content

[Analysis] Differentiation, integration, basic differential equations, multivariable functions (partial differentiation, multiple integrals), basic complex analysis

[Linear Algebra] Linear equations, determinants, linear conversions, linear space, measurable linear space, curves, curved surfaces, linear programming, quadratic form, eigenvalues, polynomial, algebraic equations, elementary number theory

[Statistical Data] Probabilities, probability distribution, regression analysis, correlation coefficients

[Computers] Numerical analysis, algorithm basics

[Other] Application of mathematics to the natural sciences, etc.

Ability Summary

Abilities in mathematics needed to systematically promote the development of information sociology, environmental conservation, economic activities, etc.

  • The ability to utilize mathematical techniques and laws which are closely related to the natural sciences
  • The ability to think abstractly
  • The ability to reason mathematically regarding matters in daily life